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Usage: olc

The OLC command is simply used to view a list of files that need
saving to disk.  This occurs when someone edits a mob, object,
room,... and chooses to save his or her changes internally.
Internally simply means the changes are saved to memory, but NOT
to disk.  Therefore, the builder will edit their files with the
following commands, then type OLC to see a list of files that need
saving to disk (one of which should be the file they were editing),
then type the previous command again with the argument 'save' to
save the file to disk:

MEDIT  (To edit mobs)
REDIT  (To edit rooms)
OEDIT  (To edit objects)
ZEDIT  (To edit zones)
SEDIT  (To edit shops)
TEDIT  (To edit triggers)
IEDIT  (To edit an individual object)

See the help file for any of these commands for the correct syntax
to use, or type OLCHELP to see a listing of OLC commands you can use.

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2018-03-30 10:02:04
Nice to see everyone again. Be back soon.
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2018-03-30 10:02:45
Shout out to all that are still alive and kickin'! May this find you all safe and well!! :)
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2018-08-30 08:54:54
im alive. barely
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2018-11-13 08:12:26
Everybody dropped off the face of the mud
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2018-11-28 19:19:38
All you slackers should be playing more.
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