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Help Term:


Usage: offer


Inns are places where the weary traveler may rest while the innkeeper looks

after his equipment and treasure.  OFFER makes the innkeeper tell you 

the cost of storing your belongings for one day.  RENT stores your 

belongings and exits you from the game. When you re-enter, you will 

start where you rented.

There is a daily cost for renting, based on your equipment.  Each item

has a daily charge.  The daily charge is calculated to the nearest

second, however.  Thus, if you rent at the rate of 2,400 coins per day,

and you come come back 39 hours later, you will be charged 3,900 coins.

If you run out of money to pay the daily charges, your rent file will

be deleted (meaning all your equipment and inventory will be gone)!

You are also allowed to only rent up to 100 items; however, if an item

weighs 1 pound or less, it will not be counted.

See also: Camp


Many races have skills that they have been born with, requiring no

practice sessions to be used to learn them.  These skills range from

actual commands one may issue, to bonuses to fighting or avoid being

killed.  Reading the help file descriptions for various races may

help, but the best way to fully understand each races' inherent powers

is to simply play them.

See also: Races


Usage: inn list
       inn add   
       inn delete 
       inn change   

This command is used to add, delete or change a particular inn's
specifications.  It can also be used to list all current inns in the
game.  The Inn Room is the room vnum of the inn itself.  The Loadroom
is the room vnum to which a player will load (such as after entering
from the Horizon, or recalling) if he is registered in the town.  The
Town Name is the name the innkeeper will echo during the registration
process, such as "You are now registered in Moldavia!".  The Town Name
will not affect anything else.

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