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Usage: desc 

This very useful building command allows you to build repetitive rooms 
very quickly and efficiently.  Here's how it works.  Suppose you are
building an area such as a desert, or ocean, or a long, uninteresting
road.  Each of these areas can easily fill up 100+ rooms, and to think
of unique, interesting descriptions for each can be a chore.  That's
where this command comes into play.  Basically, all you have to do is
to write the descriptions for a relatively few number of rooms, say 10
or 15.  Issuing this command causes it to randomly pick one of those
descriptions, and mix-and-match the lines within it to create what
APPEARS to be a completely unique description for each room this
command is issued in.

The first step you must take is to write the descriptions, obviously.
Use the DESC EDIT command to create this.  Each description MUST be
very well written, the proper length (4-7 lines), and must be generic
enough that it could be used in any room.

The file format is fairly simple.  Each description must be separated
from the next by a single period on a line, and you must put a single
period on the final line of the file.  Also, every sentence MUST be on
its own line, such as:

This is the first sentence, it is very long but I cannot hit return until it ends.
This is the second, shorter sentence.
This is the third, and most sentences should be this length.
Starting the next description.
Here is the next line.
And the last line.
This is also the last description.


Usage: customize

To enter the description for your character, use the CUSTOMIZE command,

which will allow you to perform additional customization operations

for your character.

See also: Customize, Email


Usage: display desc_list

Displays a list of all valid descriptors connected to the MUD, along
with some info on each, for debugging purposes.

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